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Perhaps we should look at the literature in a behavioral way to ask whether such poems, typically, produce greater mindfulness, and, if so, whether this makes them different from any other poems. Those responses are crucial to the text's identity and survival. With access in to a multitude of reliable sources, he was neither a careful nor a respectful reader.

Monks are taught to guard their senses—that is, to see in what is seen, only the seen, so that desire does not lead one into errancy. He thereby taps into wider, archetypal dimensions. Holland, a reader-response critic, shows how readers' reactions to liter-ary phrases and themes correlate with their varying personality structures, adducing the formula, "unity is to text as identity is to self.

Salinger, Gary Snyder, and Allen Ginsberg, to name some of the most famous Buddhist popularizers of the s, did both. Any such position may be viewed by some as a compromise, as a way of becoming reconciled to our disenchanted world, so manifestly lacking in buddhas. The "exaggerated truth" may be all the more true, as in the following passage attributed to the Buddha: How, more generally, does one read Buddhist texts as literature.

Defamiliarization, or Making Strange Interestingly, another specifically literary aspect is almost the opposite. Assessment is by an extended essay allowing you to show knowledge of a range of texts, and by two close reading exercises. Other stories, deemed less important, the folktales, are recounted for entertainment or amuse-ment, and are said to be imaginative structures, independent of belief, in which any real or implied beliefs are a matter of indifference.

The "you" is gradually built up into a cosmic person who is both selfless and samsaric. There might be some uncertainty then, especially today, as to whether Buddhist texts are primarily imaginative with the freedom of folktalesor primarily mythic with the constraints of important truths.

Today, Buddhist teachings, de-spite a plethora of fine translations and exegeses, are still often read casually or ritualistically, or discussed in ways soothing to recent mindsets.

English Literature BA(Hons)

What kinds of texts, though, are they. Alexander said, "He gave me a huge gift. The uselessness of art is one of its typical functions, we might say: After one year of the elective, Helm decided he wanted to pursue drama as a career.

Instead of preaching about impermanence, non-self and suffering, he tells her to make rounds of the entire city, asking for a mustard seed from any house in which no one has died; if she finds a seed, he will do what she wishes.

Swan Lake, My First: The idea that a Buddhist essence of a pure, unconditioned, uninflected sort survives its literary transmission from Asia to America is a surprisingly durable idea, and so one cannot say too quickly that its time has come and gone: The words to describe a hypothetical state "suppose a man On the maternal side, her roots can be traced back 37 generations through notable ancestors, including her 23rd great-grandmother Joan, Princess of England, 24th great-grandparents King John I of England and Clemence, Mistress of the King, and 37th great-grandfather Charlemagnefirst emperor of the Holy Roman Empire.

He also began to write plays, performance pieces and monologues for others. Lavazzi notes how Snyder crosses "French" attempts to "take the Word apart" with Thoreau's own recommendations regarding a "tawny grammar" and allows readers to see the ways in which Snyder anticipates the post-structuralist affinities of the LANGUAGE poets.

English Literature BA(Hons)

Something similar could be said about the arrow parable, in which a man is struck by an arrow and is in mortal danger. The images cited in earlier chapters supersede and give flavor to Buddhist discourses, remaining long after argumentative subtleties have faded away.

From there she went to Yale University and graduated with a bachelor's degree in Every sentence contains a preview of the next, and forms a kind of viewfinder for what is to come; and this in turn changes the preview.

Elizabeth Alexander (poet)

Have we reconstructed and packaged the teachings especially for ourselves—and how much has been lost in the process. Focal Points With such a situation in the background, this study has three focal points.

Friedrich Nietzsche spoke of "the desire of the Buddhist for nothingness, Nirvana—and no more," warning ominously of a "plunge into gloom and unmanly tenderness under whose spell Europe seems threatened. In a interview Snyder was asked how he discovered Han Shan and how he responded to those who thought he had made him up.

One day events include: In he became rector of the University of Zagreb. As Falk demonstrates with reference to Whalen's letters to Ginsberg and Snyder, Whalen hungered to move from a Buddhism that was primarily a matter of clever allusion to one that involved touching "Enlightenment" or the "Real.

Rhys Davids has observed, fragments of a "Buddha Epic," or potential forerunners of such an epic. Coleridge called it, inthe ability "to transfer from our inward nature a human interest and a semblance of truth sufficient to procure for these shadows of imagination that willing suspension of disbelief for the moment, which consititutes poetic faith.

Insofar as a writer makes samsara attractive and all aesthetic objects are by definition more attractive than not, she or he is turning the reader away from the real work of freeing the mind from the shackles of desire. She also released her third poetry collection, Antebellum Dream Book.

There has been a world movement, spearheaded by the exiled Vietnamese teacher Thich Nhat Hanh, called "Engaged Buddhism," which stipulates that social action is a proper field of practice: Whether there is an unconditioned awareness that can be traced back through a human lineage from someone in, say, San Francisco all the way to Buddha himself is not the sort of question these essays will answer.

The English and creative writing course is designed to foster a range of transferable skills desirable to employers, such as advanced literacy and communication skills, critical thinking, organisational skills, drama awareness and the ability to work independently and collaboratively with others in a team.

Fran Bosnjakovic (), born in Zagreb, was one of world's leading experts in technical thermodynamics. Educated in Zagreb, where his scientific career started inhe moved to Dresden, Germany, in In he became university teacher.

Elizabeth Alexander (poet)

Read more about Kingston University London's English BA(Hons) degree. This course covers authors from Chaucer to the present day, examining literature's relationship with culture, politics and individual identity.

You will study fiction, drama and poetry. Elizabeth Alexander (born May 30, ) is an American poet, essayist, playwright, and the president of the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation since Previously she was a professor for 15 years at Yale University, where she taught poetry and chaired the African American Studies then joined the faculty of Columbia University inas the Wun Tsun Tam Mellon Professor in the.

Creative writing courses - Postgraduate courses - Kingston University London. This combined English drama Creative Writing BA Hons offers you the chance to explore related topics and debates in the fields of creative writing, English literature, and English language.

This module and to prepare kingston for undergraduate study english mba application essay help give you the skills and creative related to the study of humanities, arts writing social university subjects.

Drama BA(Hons)

The drama areas covered will include research skills like using a library and electronic resourceskingston, note taking, building a.

Kingston university creative writing and dramatists
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